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iPhone Developer Program Accepted

// October 19th, 2008 // 5 Comments » // emulator, iphone, iphone developer program, iphone sdk, programming, simulator

Woohoo! I just got accepted into the iPhone Developer Program after applying 3 weeks ago. In that time the price of the membership jumped R250 due to currency fluctuations, which can be viewed as a good or a bad thing depending on when I can get my application released into the store. If I can get it done before the rand strengthens against the dollar I will make the money back fairly quickly.

In any case, I can now test my iPhone application on a real-world iPhone rather than using the iPhone SDK simulator. This has a few advantages. Firstly, the simulator is exactly what it says it is; it is just a simulator not to be confused with an emulator. Therefore, all the apps that I test on it have access to my MacBook Pro’s 4gigs of memory and powerful CPU which is much larger than what I have available on the iPhone. This is not the best testing environment as not having the ability to test my applications on a real-world device would mean I would have no clue how fast the application would run.

Another limitation of the simulator is that I am unable to test additional hardware elements of the phone, such as the accelerometer, the GPS and the multi-touch interface. (Note: You can test multi-touch on the simulator by holding the Option-key while dragging your mouse around but its not very easy to use.)

I will be releasing a tutorial shortly on how to get your applications to run on your iPhone using the provisioning certificates that Apple provides once you have been accepted into the iPhone Developer Program.