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Helper Objects

// September 28th, 2008 // No Comments » // coding style, mac osx, objective-c, programming

I think this is a brilliant comparison between using Helper Objects and Sub-Classing:

Once upon a time (before Baywatch), there was a man with no name. Knight Industries decided that if this man were given guns and wheels and booster rockets, he would be the perfect crime-fighting tool. First, they thought, “Let’s subclass him and override everything we need to add the guns and wheels and booster rockets.” The problem was that to subclass Michael Knight, you would need to know an awful lot about his guts so that you could wire them to guns and booster rockets. So instead, they created a helper object, the Knight Industries 2000, or “KITT the super car.”

Note how this is different from the RoboCop approach. RoboCop was a man subclassed and extended. The whole RoboCop project involved dozens of surgeons who extended the man’s brain into a fighting machine. This is the approach taken with many object-oriented frameworks.

While approaching the perimeter of an arms dealer’s compound, Michael Knight would speak to KITT over his watch-radio. “KITT,” he would say, “I need to get to the other side of that wall.” KITT would then blast a big hole in the wall with a small rocket. After destroying the wall, Kitt would return control to Michael, who would stroll through the rubble.