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// October 19th, 2008 // emulator, iphone, iphone developer program, iphone sdk, programming, simulator

Woohoo! I just got accepted into the iPhone Developer Program after applying 3 weeks ago. In that time the price of the membership jumped R250 due to currency fluctuations, which can be viewed as a good or a bad thing depending on when I can get my application released into the store. If I can get it done before the rand strengthens against the dollar I will make the money back fairly quickly.

In any case, I can now test my iPhone application on a real-world iPhone rather than using the iPhone SDK simulator. This has a few advantages. Firstly, the simulator is exactly what it says it is; it is just a simulator not to be confused with an emulator. Therefore, all the apps that I test on it have access to my MacBook Pro’s 4gigs of memory and powerful CPU which is much larger than what I have available on the iPhone. This is not the best testing environment as not having the ability to test my applications on a real-world device would mean I would have no clue how fast the application would run.

Another limitation of the simulator is that I am unable to test additional hardware elements of the phone, such as the accelerometer, the GPS and the multi-touch interface. (Note: You can test multi-touch on the simulator by holding the Option-key while dragging your mouse around but its not very easy to use.)

I will be releasing a tutorial shortly on how to get your applications to run on your iPhone using the provisioning certificates that Apple provides once you have been accepted into the iPhone Developer Program.

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  1. Jitesh Rajpaul says:

    Hey man. Cool blog. I’m also interested in applying for iphone Developer application. Really enjoying the sdk and have created some cool stuff. My problem is I get stuck at selecting my country for payment. South Africa isn’t listed as Apple Online Store. Please help me dude. My e-mail is jrajpaul@me.com

  2. Michael Gaylord says:

    What you need to do is send them an e-mail about registering for their International Developer Program or iDP for short. They will then send you forms that you have to fill out and fax back. It did take some time for me to get accepted, so be patient.

  3. Jitesh Rajpaul says:

    Thanks dude. Received my form today. Going to fax it asap.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Hey Micheal. Landed on your conversation via Google search. Jeremy.. Sandton, Jhb. Looks like you got working with iPhone development and registering sorted. I searched for their international developer program and got zero. Could only find their generic application form on the web. How / where did you get the details / fax info?

    Appreciate your help.


  5. Michael Gaylord says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    I e-mailed them for membership and they mailed a form back to me. I don’t know if their registration page has changed try mailing devprograms@apple.com

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