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Downloading the iPhone SDK is the simple part in getting started with creating applications for the iPhone. Accessing the iPhone Developer Centre is the complicated part. Especially if you are from South Africa. You can log into the centre but from there you are unable to access any of the documentation. Every time I clicked on a URL I would be redirected to a log in screen which would never let me in. No errors. Nothing. After some digging around, it turns out that the way Apple authenticates access to web pages doesn’t play nicely with the SAIX proxy. Thanks very much Telkom! I finally managed to get in using a combination of clearing my browser cache completely and using an SSH Tunnel through my company’s Verizon server. Happiness is…

That’s only half the story though. I didn’t really want to go through this whole rigmarole every time I wanted to get some information about a framework or a class. So I needed to find a way to access the developer documentation offline. In comes XCode’s documentation manager to the rescue. Err. Well sort of. It is possible to subscribe to the iPhone Developer Documentation in XCode, and it will download the documentation to your local machine for you, but its slow and it doesn’t resume.

So after 3 attempts and much wastage of precious bandwidth I turned back to Google search terms and in an “eureka moment”, I found a post on a blog, on how to use NetNewsWire to download the darn documentation and subsequently install it. I just hope Apple doesn’t release a new version of the documentation tomorrow. Good things come to those who bash their heads on the keyboard at consistent times during the day.

Oh and by the way, don’t bother trying to contact Apple for help. Their auto-responder works really well but their support staff obviously haven’t been outsourced to India yet. I have been waiting a week for a reply to all my e-mails, concerning the issues I have been having accessing their website. Maybe there is a trick to it.

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